Perform at Home Allergy Test and Uncover Secrets to Your Health


There are foods which are so ingrained in us that we couldn’t imagine the world without them.  Since childhood they’ve been at the dinner table each night and our educations have been that they are vital to our health.  However, popular believe is not always right.  It can actually be blatently wrong from time to time.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

It’s a good idea to question why we do things.  Thinking on your own two feet is many times that’s what gets you a head in life and in health.

Reason I speak of this is because foods like beans, grains, and dairy can be very hard on your body.  However, nobody ever questions them because they have been such a staple in our diets.

And rightfully so, they are very easy to store, readily available and easily renewable.  Societies for millenia have taken advantage of these characteristics to keep everyone fed.

We’re Older than Grains

Unfortunately, though humans have been around for much longer than the agricultural revolution (approximately 10,000 years ago).

This is when grains were introduced into the human diet.  Our bodies have not evolved to completely handle grains which contain very harsh proteins in them.

Test Your Assumptions

I personally found it hard to question these mainstream foods until I tested my assumptions that they are healthy for us.  Now I avoid grains like the plague.  I feel infinitely better from day to day as well as now have clear skin for the first time since grade school.

Because grains are so ingrained in us few people ever point to them as the culprit for health problems.  So I recommend you also do an allergy test on your diet.

This is going to be a bit challenging for you but over the next month cut out all grains, dairy, and beans from your diet.  Observe how you feel over this process.

Once the month is up do as you like but make note of how the various foods make you feel.  I’m certain you’ll notice a difference in your health in some capacity.  Results are really different for everybody.

You may be delighted to realize that some health problems you were having actually cleared up.

I also Recommend You Read…

I highly recommend the book entitled “The Paleo Solution” by Robb Wolf which you can purchase at this link here.  The book goes into detail about the various issues with grain based foods.

Take Away

Test your assumptions.  Tweak your diet and observe what happens.  Learn from what your body tells you.

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  1. Ralph Greenthal

    Hi Matt

    I did this years ago, found Walnuts, watermelon, raw onions, & raw carrots where problems

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