Cheaters Loose More Weight, the Truth About Junk Food


Snacking on sweets is a delightful activity we can partake in every single day.  Candy bars, ice cream, soda, and the likes are prevalent and cheap.  Unfortunately, when we snack on them constantly they loose their appeal so we indulge our selves even more.  Eventually we get into a comatose state where even the most delectable snacks are not exciting and life is dull.

Impossible Diets

What’s more these sweets pump up our waistlines and take a wrecking ball to our health.  So individuals go on strict unsustainable diets with no snacks what so ever.

A few weeks later they swing back violently to the snacks they crave like a crack addiction.

Diets that Cheat

Indulge your sweet tooth on a schedule by eating healthy whole foods 6 out of 7 days.  On the 7th day eat that otherwise unhealthy delight.

When unhealthy snacks are eaten in moderation they become the true delightful indulgences they are meant to be.

Plus they help exercise your body’s ability to burn calories / moderate blood sugar.  This will keep your metabolism up and continuing to burn fat.

Warning: Health Food is a Disguise

Many foods with healthy labels such as diet bars and protein snacks are actually junk food!

These foods have a great deal of refined carbohydrates in them which spike blood sugar and trigger the body to store fat.

You need to seek out foods with a Low Glycemic Index.  That is foods that do not violently spike your blood sugar.

Typically they are whole foods and not grains or lentils (beans).  These whole foods will become your staple diet.

What to Do Next

Pick a day out of the week for your cheat day.  Eat healthy low Glycemic Index / whole foods until then.

On the chosen day go out to eat with a friend or buy yourself that sugary snack you’ve been craving.  When the day is over, continue back on your healthy routine.

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