You can Have Picture Perfect Toes with Correct Toes


I recently bought a pair of and performed a Correct Toes Review for you guys…  As a kid I enjoyed running track and cross country. My feet didn’t enjoy it as much though. They were left somewhat disfigured as a result of my tight running shoes. I figured disfigured feet were just something I had to accept as a runner until I learned about toe stretchers.

A Toe Stretcher Evenly Spaces Out your Toes

A toe stretcher is a small implement that fits between your toes spreading them out evenly and stretching the foot as a result.  They almost look like brass knuckles for your feet.  The idea is that you can get a deep stretch in your foot and even possibly some toe correction for individuals with foot aliments such as myself.

Yoga Toes Review

The Most popular Toe Stretcher is not Necessarily the Best

I began researching more and more about toe stretchers and foot stretchers.  I constantly stumbled across Yoga Toes Reviews praising the effects of the most popular toe stretcher, Yoga Toes.

Yoga toes is a large gel implement that slides between your toes which can be frozen or heated up providing additional soothing effect.  Pretty nifty but aside from that it’s a traditional toes stretcher and will set you back about $50 after shipping.

Why Spend $$ When You can Stretch for Free

It wasn’t long after discovering Yoga Toes that my friend Tanya shared some of her Yoga and massage tips with me.  She showed me how to stretch my toes out on my own by simply working my fingers in between them.  She also shared a couple delightful foot soaks with me.

At that point there didn’t seem to be much point in investing $50 for Yoga Toes when I could conveniently do the same thing for free until….

Correct Toes Toe Stretcher

You will get the Best Toes from Correct Toes which Stretches 24/7

A few weeks later I stumbled across some Youtube videos on a lesser known product called Correct Toes.  I contacted the inventor of the toe stretcher in the videos, Dr. McClanahan of North West Foot and Ankle.  I was elated to learn this foot stretcher doesn’t simply just stretch your toes.

The Correct Toes sleek  fit allows you to wear it inside your shoes while you’re walking or running.  I was sold and placed an order immediately.

Correct Toes Toe Correction

After a few weeks of wearing the toe stretcher my entire foot and not just my toes felt better and my toes were visibly straighter!  When walking with the implement I also get a nice stretch across the sole of my feet which simply spreading my toes out never produced.

Overall my foot health has dramatically improved a result of consistently wearing the correct toes implement.  I highly encourage you give Correct Toes a look.  Correct Toes is a few bucks more than the Yoga Toes but in my mind it’s ability to fit inside your shoe sets them apart from anything else out there.

Interested in Learning More about Foot Health?

To learn more about correct toes visit the following links More Information on Correct Toes or where to purchase correct toes.

Also make sure to checkout our foot training program, Fitlish Feet.  Fitlish Feet is guaranteed to help you fall back in love with your feet so give it a quick look.

7 thoughts on “You can Have Picture Perfect Toes with Correct Toes

  1. Claudia Phenneger

    How can Correct Toes possibly correct the second toe which crosses over the third toe and has no muscle left? Won’t it take a rod inserted surgically to straighten the toe? How do I contact you and how much is your product? Claudia

  2. veron

    hi.. i m from Malaysia..i have a bunion foot on the left..can use this product. my son also have toe problem on both legs,how can i purchase this product in Malaysia? can get it in Singapore?? what is the size that suit our feet…my son is size 9,,i size 5 ..Malaysia size.. please let me know..thank you..

  3. There are two sizes. The first size is S/M aka small these fit up to 11.5 US (mens) 12.5 US (womens) size feet. The second size M/L aka Large is for feet over that size. There will soon be a third size coming out which fits extra small size feet. Size 9 US is for sure a S/M size. There’s a good chance you would be best suited for the new small pair coming out with a size 5 US foot. There’s currently flat rate shipping of $4.95 anywhere in the world. I have shipped many pairs to Malasia as well 🙂 You can order at this page here,

  4. Tanya

    When is the third size (extra small) expected to be available for purchase? I own the small/medium, but a smaller size would be a better fit for me. Thanks!

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