Coconut Ice Cream Recipe


I’ve always pondered the question, is ice cream healthy.  Most people frustratingly accept it as fact that ice cream is not healthy.  But I’m not most people so I set out to make a healthy ice cream recipe and came up with this fantastic coconut ice cream recipe.  

Best Part is it’s a Low Carb Ice Cream Recipe

Coconut milk is naturally low in carbs and with the addition of an herbal sweetener you can make ice cream that rivals the best store bought varieties yet keeps your waist slim and trim.  The best part is this healthy ice cream recipe is basically extremely easy vanilla ice cream recipe so anyone, including yourself can make it!  Let’s get started:

Gather Supplies

  1. Quart Zip Lock Bag
  2. Gallon Zip Lock Bag
  3. Ice Cream aka Rock Salt (3/4 cup)
  4. Ice (4 cups)

Pickup a few ingredients

  1. Coconut milk (2 cups)
  2. Stevia carb free herbal sweetener (8 packets)
  3. Vanilla extract (4 tbsp) or 2 raw vanilla beans for bonus points
  4. Optional two pasteurized eggs this thickens the ice cream
  5. Optional blueberries for topping

Pour ingredients in a 1 quart zip lock bag and seal.  Place Quart zip lock bag inside gallon bag along with ice and rock salt.  Seal and shake for 10 minutes.  Pull out quart zip lock bag.  Who-la you have fresh ice cream!  Make sure to share this coconut ice cream recipe with your friends and family who will quickly come back screaming for more!

2 thoughts on “Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

  1. gary norman

    Mat I thought you did a fantastic job both on the icecream and the video.
    Thanks again

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