Is Your Safe Plastic Bottle Girlie?


The first time I saw a Nalgene water bottle I was thrown off.  A cute girl whom I felt was a little too cute for her own good had a pink one.  As a result I thought these safe plastic bottles were a cute girlie fad just like My Little Pony and Magic Potty Baby.

Boy was I wrong.  I have now tried every water bottle under the sun in an attempt to save the rain forest from disposable water bottle waste.  The best I could find was that girlie Nalgene Water Bottle which I picked up for around the price of a pair of cheap sunglasses.  It quickly began to rock my world just as Magic Potty Baby rocked the world of so many infant girls. Continue reading

The Divine Oral B Electric Toothbrush


The question humanity has been asking since the middle ages and in my case, sometime since last week, is a simple question.  That is, what electronic toothbrush aka electric tooth brush, would Jesus use???  That answer my peeps is clearly the Oral B Electric Toothbrush.  With multiple speeds to meet your every need the brush can cleanse teeth just as Jesus so thoroughly cleansed our souls! Continue reading