Barefoot Running Book – Review


I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Robillard at one of his barefoot clinics.  Jason’s clinics are just the place to learn more about strengthening your feet for a pain free transition to minimalist footwear. He’s author of The Barefoot Running Book and an all round really interesting guy.  I was lucky enough to win a copy of his book and here’s my Barefoot Running Book review… Continue reading

Are You Drinking Anti Energy? The Real Effects of Energy Drinks


I’m a huge fan of the extreme events energy drink manufacturers sponsor but I think these brilliant shows tend to mask the real effects of energy drinks.  Being a competitive athlete myself I realize these drinks aren’t all they’re made out to be.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a Red Bull before a Body Building competition.  And heck I’d have been crazy to consider them during my 24 Hour Mountain bike race last year despite their energy boosting formulation.  Here’s why… Continue reading

Can Armature Brushers Get Pro Results? Electric Toothbrush Showdown


A couple years ago I learned I have periodontal disease.  This unfortunately means the bone attaching my teeth is dissolving away due to bacteria that thrives in my mouth.

I had hoped I could reverse periodontal disease but I quickly learned about the best you can do is ensure you have super human dental hygiene.  My dental Hygienist Ramona at McMaster Dentistry in Tucson recommended purchasing a electronic tooth brush and no ten dollar special electric tooth brush for that matter… Continue reading