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I had the pleasure of meeting Jason Robillard at one of his barefoot clinics.  Jason’s clinics are just the place to learn more about strengthening your feet for a pain free transition to minimalist footwear. He’s author of The Barefoot Running Book and an all round really interesting guy.  I was lucky enough to win a copy of his book and here’s my Barefoot Running Book review…

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend one.  He posts his clinic schedule here,

The Barefoot Running Book is an Excellent Read!

I was very elated when I won a copy of his Barefoot Running Book at the clinic and quickly devoured the nearly 200 page text.

The book was really well written and quite captivating.  I felt as though I was right next to him training for his ultra marathons.  I literally couldn’t set it down.

In the book Jason shares his many challenges in becoming an ultra marathon runner.  And how ultimately transitioning to barefoot training was pivotal in his success.  Now he completes continuous running races as long as 100 miles!

He Says Barefoot Running Technique Takes Some Practice

He’s quite clear that barefoot running isn’t as simple as just taking your shoes off though.  Unfortunately, years of habitual shoe wearing has handicapped the development of our lower body.  He outlines a rehabilitation / training schedule for a pain free transition to barefoot running and or minimalist shoes.

The book has since inspired me to take up barefoot training myself.  I’ve implemented several of his practices and am excited to see how far I can take his prescribed foot strengthening routines 🙂

In My Opinion It’s One of the Best Running Books Out There

I highly recommend you pickup, The Barefoot Running Book.  It’s an really interesting read regardless if you’re interested in running barefoot ultra marathons or just looking to try out some healthier footwear.

PS.  All you have to do is click the book to get your copy from Amazon.  Then start sporting your barefeet!

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