A review of the most comfortable work shoes for nurses and professionals on their feet


Comfortable work shoes | Best shoes for nursesThis is a guest post by my mom!  She was a career nurse for 40 years.  It was not until the end of her career that she really found a winning foot care formula for comfortable work shoes.  I asked that she share what she found with us.

As a kid I always remember her coming home from work and complaining of numerous foot pains.  She was always trying some new contraption to make her feet more comfortable at work.  

She tried funky shoes with coils under them, countless different pairs of tennis shoes, as well as odd foot soaks and stones.

Carla shares the best footwear for long shifts at work in the video below,

Summary formula for comfortable feet

In summary, Carla, says flat soled shoes worked best for her as they allowed the best circulation to her toes.  She also got rid of her arch support as it was digging into the bottom of her feet and irritating the fascia.  Lastly transitioning to minimalist footwear with a larger toe pocket reduced blisters and sores she was experiencing on the side of her feet.  This combined with a toe straightener known as Correct Toes made all the difference.

The following foot care products were shared in this article

Do you have any questions about foot care?

Foot care is so important.  We experience life through every step we take.  Each day we are on our feet and if they are not properly cared for then you suffer as a result.  Do you have any questions in particular about how to best care for your feet?  Or perhaps which types of footwear are best for you?  Click here to ask me.


Is Work Wearing You Out? Two Common Sense Tips to Energize Your Evenings


The other day I was chatting with a nurse I know…

…and I realized how clueless people are when it comes to taking care of themselves.

I showed them a very common sense way to dramatically improve their health.

Can you guess what I said to them…

“You are crazy, you are on your feet all day wearing those things!”

“Let me as you a question: do you feel tired and worn out after work?”

And they said, “Yes I am pretty well warn out must evenings, but isn’t that just part of growing older?”

I went on to say, “Not necessarily…  How awesome would it be if I could show you how to avoid those aches and pains?”

Naturally they were very interested.

If You Take Care of Your Feet, They will Take Care of You

I went on to tell them about the importance of foot care.  How if their feet were not properly cared for the rest of their body would pay the consequences.

After all you are only as physically capable in life as the feet you stand on.

This unfortunate oversight in their life is due to fashion.  

I explained most are quick to slide their toes into flashy heels and pointy toed shoes but fail to consider the impact footwear has had on their body.

I asked them to do two simple things,

  1. Wear less restrictive shoes with a flat sole and plenty of room for their feet.
  2. Strengthen their feet through stretches and continued use of less restrictive footwear.

But that was not all…  

I showed them how they could also reverse unsightly bunions, hammer toes, and other imbalances created by those trendy shoes.

I further explained for many individuals their entire body has been thrown out of whack due to years of neglect.  

The impact of what I showed them was immediately obvious.

How to Restore Your Youthful (Ache Free) Body

I showed the nurse two quick stretches.

Then told them to perform these each evening after taking off their shoes…

…I will show you these stretches in a moment.  

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In seconds I was able to,

  • Release tension their lower body
  • Realigning the body from the feet up
  • Strengthen their posture

The result was an instantly more attractive and comfortable posture.  

I also shared a unique foot implement with them that I use to align my toes into their natural position.  

This implement called a toe stretcher works to gradually and comfortably  straighten crooked toes.

And unlike other toe stretchers we could customize this one to their bunion.

How to Fix Persistent Foot Ills

Here’s a simple path to correcting your foot ills.

  1. Wear healthier shoes with flat soles and plenty of room for your foot.
  2. Perform the stretches I showed when you take off your shoes each evening.
  3. Give a toe stretcher a try to realign unsightly toes.
I created a foot care kit for you to learn more.  This kit includes,
  1. The adjustable toe stretcher mentioned above.
  2. A guide to selecting comfortable (and fashionable) footwear.
  3. A series of stretches you can do after taking your shoes off.
  4. And some really cool bonuses…

PS.  Comment below and let me know how I’m doing.  Are you finding my ideas helpful?  Do you have any questions and or suggestions?

Do You Have the Toes of a US Olympic Champion?


Matt Tegenkamp 2012 US Olympic Team

Press Release – Correct Toes Running for the Olympic Podium

Running injuries suffered in my youth left my toes an unsightly mess.  

A few months back a friend told me about a revolutionary device designed to reverse such foot ailments without surgery.

This device known as Correct Toes is a cozy gel like brass knuckles for your feet which align your toes to their natural position.  

I tried them for myself and can attest to their their extreme effectiveness.  I didn’t realize their true potential until recently though… Continue reading