Don’t Let The Office Poison Your Diet


Deceptively Harmless Doughnut Junkies

It’s the new years.  This year I’m going to workout like a machine, maintain a strict diet, and become fit as a fiddle.  

My intentions are good and I’m sicking to them like a champ.  

Then I return to work and my resolutions are poisoned!  Avoiding the junk food is nearly impossible.

That is because, there’s ALWAYS somebody at work who doesn’t understand why you would be careful about what you eat.

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Cheaters Loose More Weight, the Truth About Junk Food


Snacking on sweets is a delightful activity we can partake in every single day.  Candy bars, ice cream, soda, and the likes are prevalent and cheap.  Unfortunately, when we snack on them constantly they loose their appeal so we indulge our selves even more.  Eventually we get into a comatose state where even the most delectable snacks are not exciting and life is dull. Continue reading